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Buscamos conocer a profesionales motivados, exigentes y apasionados que quieran formar parte de nuestro equipo, en distintos niveles y posiciones, que nos ayuden a ofrecer el mejor servicio posible. 

Queremos ser una empresa creativa, con proyección internacional y con buen ambiente. 

Si estás dispuesto, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros, aunque no haya una posición expresamente abierta. 

Posiciones Abiertas

VFX Supervisor (Senior, Junior)

We are currently looking for an experienced Nuke based VFX Supervisor to join our creative Film&Television team in Madrid.

Our VFX Supervisors oversee the creative and technical output over multiple projects and teams, as well as being client facing and working closely with Directors, Production Companies and other Creative leads.


We are looking for a skilled on-the-box Artist who can lead by examples as well as nurturing and developing other less experienced artists.


  • Leading and supervising VFX projects

  • Working closely with other VFX artists and departments to deliver the highest quality work

  • Engaging with Clients from initial meetings through to final delivery

  • Breaking-down and quoting on complex VFX projects

  • Attending shoots and supervising VFX requirements on-set




  • In-depth experience of Compositing with Nuke for advanced VFX projects, ideally in Film and TV shows

  • A strong creative eye and a problem-solving attitude

  • Knowledge of other VFX software such as Maya/Houdini is an advantagea

VFX / 3D Compositor (Junior, Middle, Senior)

We are looking for a person willing to get into film and television production, to help us in the daily work of the office, project development, as well as filming.


We do regular development, production and post-production of film and advertising, documentaries and television series.  


A high level of English is essential. Also willingness to work and learn, and flexibility. Essential friendly treatment and good atmosphere.

Postproduction Producer

We are looking to complete our digital effects department with a postproduction producer. We are looking for a profile with the following qualities:

- Experience in the audiovisual sector.

- Organisational capacity to coordinate different projects.

- Willingness to work in a team and capacity to manage technical and human resources.

- Knowledge of the different phases of production and postproduction.

- Knowledge of digital and postproduction environments: editing, conforming, effects, color grading and graphics.

- High level of English

DIT Technician

Technical profile with experience in the Mac & Windows environment. Advanced knowledge of the main video editing software and DIT Tools: Final Cut, Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, Pomfort Silverstack, Yoyoya, Checksums. We are looking for an organized and methodical person in the workflow, open to travel to perform DIT functions in filming and, above all, eager to learn and grow in the audiovisual world.

Postproduction Operator

We are looking for people with knowledge of image postproduction to incorporate to our company, in internship period.


The following knowledge will be valued mainly: QC, Dcps, Deliveries, Davinci, Networks, and in general any other image postproduction software.


It is convenient to have knowledge of English. Also willingness to work and learn, and flexibility. Essential friendly treatment and good atmosphere.

Production/Distribution Assistant

People with knowledge of production and distribution or with a desire to enter both fields. With desire, motivation and cheerful character. A high level of English is essential.

Python Programmer

We are looking for a videogame programmer with knowledge of Python (Unreal Engine) to join the Development Team in Madrid


We currently have positions open for fantastic freelancers across multiple disciplines, including:

• Animators
• Riggers
• CG Generalists
• Lighting TDs
• Modellers
• Houdini Groom TDs
• FX TDs
• Compositors

Long and short-term contracts available. Please send your reel / portfolio to

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