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How to get deep empathy from the reader

The pitfall of working with characters' emotions

In working with real emotions there is a not insignificant pitfall (of course, without it!). If you are thoughtful and reasonable person, if your main feelings - harmony, peace, tranquility (when you breathe deep and look at the sky) - then it will be difficult to write thrilling stories. Such feelings are poorly conveyed on paper - they do not have the intensity and expression, such a clinging, such an attractive book.

Although... PayForEssay the essence is not in the expression all the same. It is about being able to convey any - I repeat, any! - feelings in words, images and metaphors. Not to describe, but to bring them to the reader, to make him feel. Only then empathy will be truly deep.

Here help is, first of all, stylistics - it is responsible for the atmosphere and mood of a single scene, and the book as a whole. And secondly, special techniques that quickly break down the barrier between the hero and the reader and are almost guaranteed to cause empathy.

Techniques that allow you to quickly achieve empathy

Technique 1.

Throw the hero in a DLS - a difficult life situation. But not right away.

Let all be well at first, college essays for sale let him work and hope for the best, that the planned and desired will come true. Show him how long and hard he worked for this result... and then deprive him of this result. By chance, by someone else's meanness, by the law of the sandwich, which always falls oil down, because of an annoying little thing and someone else's bad mood, in the end.

Let buy assignment it be something vital, something that any of us could have experienced, or perhaps have experienced, and yet offensive to the point of impossibility.

The main thing is not to go overboard and slide into a "tear-jerker," otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect.

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