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Secure Internet Faxes Via Email, Faxing Through Internet

How to send and receive faxes via email? By using InterFax internet fax service, you are now able to send fax pdf from iphone and receive faxes just as easily as e-mail. It is known as virtual fax, where you conduct your faxes from your computer without a fax modem, fax server or phone lines. All your messages are stored in one location.

- No Installations

- Excellent Rates

- Account Management

- Inbound Security & Authentication

- Outbound Security & Authentication

The good thing about online faxes is, your line will never be busy, sending faxes is guaranteed to reach the receiver and you save more in the long run due to the lower cost. Send and receive faxes via email has never been that easy.

How To Receive A Fax By Email

Faxing over or through the internet is not exactly rocket science, in fact, computer faxing has never been that easy. Now you can even send and receive faxes via email.

Based on my own experience, the thing I liked about internet faxing services is the ability to send and receive faxes anywhere, not to mention all faxes are digitally archived, making accessing them easy and quick.

Sending And Receiving Faxes Internationally From Anywhere

How to Send an Internet Fax to a Fax Machine? The best method to send a fax is none other than the internet, not only is the rate flat, quick and easy, practically you can send and receive faxes anywhere in the world, provided you have internet access. The advantage of online faxing is so great that you’ll be amazed, they are:

- No need to leave your computer on at all times in expectation of a fax

- No need to install an additional phone line

- Retrieve faxes from anywhere in the world

- Faxes reach their intended recipients with no manual routing

- Save thousands of dollars on fax server hardware, software, and phone lines

- Delete junk faxes before they waste paper and toner

To learn how to send international faxes online from a computer, anytime and anywhere. Watch the simple video tutorial at our website:

Can’t decide which is the best fax service available online? Take a look at our website, it’s a chart on some of the available internet fax service. Which is the best fax service? Compare these faxes with the data shown at our website are accurate at the time of writing. Sending and receiving faxes by email has never been that cheap and easy.

We hope you enjoy these new features! To learn more about the iOS app, go to our website. To learn more about the Android app, click the button at our website.

A reliable phone system is backed up by a reliable support team, and we ensures that you get the service you deserve. You can call the customer service hotline 24/7 for any concern or assistance that you may need.

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