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Essential skills for the future

Virtual interaction - self-organization, the ability to work productively remotely, including in a team. Skill is shaped by two trends: global connections and a new type of organization. One of the biggest challenges in remote teamwork is employee motivation. To solve it, gaming technologies are increasingly used (virtual presence, rewards for “passing the level”, distribution of roles and clear goals). However, the "employee of the future" requires self-organization, internal motivation - the ability to work at full capacity, being at home in a dressing gown and with a cup of coffee in hand. It requires the ability to quickly and fully understand a colleague without seeing him in front of you, to fit into real interaction scenarios that unfold online. To learn this, it is important to learn how to communicate with other people. The more books you read, the more you can effectively build communication with other people. But for this it is also important to learn how to correctly express your thoughts first on a sheet and then build communication with other people. That's why it's important to use to build the right thoughts. This will help both in building thoughts when you need to talk to other people but also when writing a written work. Design thinking is a way of creative thinking focused on solving specific problems, but opposed to analytical thinking. A good and detailed design thinking process can be worked out through the dissertation editing service - and this will contribute to the correct creative thinking.In a broad sense, this type of thinking involves: the ability to understand the needs of other people, that is, developed empathy, the ability to get used to the role of their clients (partners), the ability to model a situation to find optimal solutions (including using visualization tools), the ability to abstract from facts and connect creativity (generation of ideas, brainstorming, search for non-standard solutions). The ability to cope with cognitive loads is important not only in work, but also in the life of any person in the digital age. Every day, our consciousness is bombarded with colossal flows of information — in all possible forms and from all devices. Now and in the future, we need a developed inner flair to help filter terabytes of facts by reliability and degree of importance. You also need to be able to use special techniques and services for organizing and processing information. It is necessary to develop the ability to analyze information. Using will help you process information efficiently and write everything on a sheet of paper, as well as cope with various types of workloads. Computational thinking is the ability to translate volumetric data into abstract categories and operate on them. If social intelligence, flexibility and intercultural skills involve the development of interaction between people with each other, then computational thinking is "playing on a foreign field." This is the ability to understand the language of machines. Think in terms that computers operate on. This also includes basic programming skills, including the translation of "living" phenomena of the world into the category of logic.Interdisciplinarity is the ability to navigate and the availability of knowledge in different areas. According to researchers, in the 20th century, education focused on specialization - a narrow area in which a person became a professional. But the next century will pass under the flag of interdisciplinarity: the problems that humanity faces are too complex to be solved within the framework of one field of knowledge. The competencies of the professional of the future can be represented in the form of the letter "T", where there is one developed area of ​​knowledge and two or more complementary ones. A biologist must know mathematics, a programmer must know linguistics. To be honest, a narrow approach to education has always seemed wrong to me. Focusing on one area and ignoring other areas of knowledge is like a horse in blinders. Yes, she rushes forward, seeing a clear goal in front of her, but there are several paths to the same goal that she does not see.

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